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We want a world free from single-use toxic plastics for everyone, everywhere by 2030!

Sign and share our #TaxPlasticPolluters Campaign to call for a tax on single-use plastic producers and demand that they cut the amount they produce and sell by half by 2025.

Alternatively, find us at Glastonbury Festival 2019!

Have you got the bottle for Shambala?

Raw Foundation has teamed up with Shambala Festival and Frank Water to produce a reusable, 100% 750ml stainless steel water bottle.


At this year’s Shambala Festival, Raw Foundation has teamed up with Shambala and Frank Water to reduce the amount of single-use plastic used and brought onto the festival site.

As part of their campaign, Raw Foundation is ‘Making Waves’ again at this year’s Shambala festival to create a hullabaloo about the true extent of plastic pollution and its impacts! A dynamic art exhibition and jam-packed timetable of activities and workshops for kids and adults will provide an opportunity to connect festival-goers to this critical global issue.

We hope to raise awareness, inspire action and creative rebellion to reduce plastic consumption. So, if you are a festival-goer interested in a plastic free future (or indeed keen to reduce festival waste) join us and GET INVOLVED!

Raw Foundation and Shambala

As part of the campaign with Raw Foundation to encourage event and festival organisers to reduce plastics at their events, Shambala are leading the way to reduce the amount of single-use plastic on site and encourage Festival-goers to bring their own reusable water bottles or buy a stainless steel bottle instead of buying bottled water.

They cause an enormous amount of needless waste, especially as the Festival provides free tap water across the site. You can fill your bottle for free at any of their drinking water taps.

Every piece of plastic ever made still exists somewhere and the effects these types of plastics have on the environment are huge – with an estimated 150 million tonnes of plastic currently littering our earth and oceans.

We hope you’ll join us, to help make Shambala 2014 as plastic-free as possible – and save yourself a few quid on bottled water in the process!

Raw Foundation and Frank Water

As well as filling your water bottle from any of the drinking water taps on site, you will be able to pick up a reusable bottle and refill it for free with unlimited chilled water from one of their fixed refill stations or mobile units.

Here, you can also learn more about the charity’s incredible work to provide clean water in rural India.

They will also be reminding festival-goers how lucky we are to have taps and safe water sources in the UK – so rather than buying plastic bottles that will ruin the site, buy a reusable bottle and drink fresh tap water all festival!

For more information about the work of Frank Water, visit www.frankwater.com

Our Raw truth message

Raw Foundation will be raising awareness about the hidden consequences of plastic pollution and its impacts and focusing on simple solutions which we hope will change thinking and behaviour about plastic.

Our Plastic-Free Festival-Goers Guide will cover everything from the stark reality about plastics to festival-specific advice and tips. The guide aims to give individuals a single source reference to the things they also need to take into consideration to reduce their plastic footprint in a wider context, but without being prescriptive.

We’re hoping to encourage people to avoid single use plastics, carry a reusable bottle with them, and not rely on buying plastic water bottles each time they want to drink!

Sign the Making Waves Petition

Come and find us at the festival and sign our petition, to amplify the ‘message’ for whole sector change and call on world leaders to put an end to single use toxic plastics.

It’s time to Make Waves

We’ll use every signature we collect at Shambala to make sure world leaders Make Waves about hazardous (or toxic) plastics at the UN General Assembly, and prove that a world free from single use plastic for everyone, everywhere by 2030 isn't just a pipe dream!

Where to find us at Shambala 2014

  • Visit us at the Frank Water stand. Enjoy a free glass of water, get a free Raw wristband and sign our petition, calling on world leaders to put an end to single use toxic plastics.

  • Pick up a Shambala festival water bottle. Cut down on the plastic with one of our brilliant reusable bottles.

  • Pick up a free Plastic-Free Festival-Goers Guide. Learn about the true extent of plastic pollution and its impacts and focus on the solutions.

  • Drop in to one of our workshops to find out more, share our experience and passion and help us create more mayhem than ever!

  • Tweet your support. Just use #makingwaves to spread the word.

For those of you who don’t yet have a reusable water bottle, our reusable 100% stainless steel 750 ml water bottles are priced at £10 and are a not-for-profit initiative.

You can purchase a bottle during the festival from the Frank Water stand on site.

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Raw in South America expedition off to track pointless plastic soon!

A Journey from Source to Solution

We're setting off on a world’s first expedition to track pointless plastic and waste around South America in November!
We will be circumnavigating South America from Brazil up to Peru, before heading West to East coast along the Amazon.
Every 100 km we will be measuring the main plastic culprits (type, brand, item etc) forming the pollution in remote and 
spectacular pristine environments and waterways.

The mission of the expedition is to:
 Identify and record plastic pollution data, including microfibres
 Educate the public about the extent and dangers of plastic pollution
 Inform about and promote alternative sustainable solutions
 Assess waste disposal policies and attitudes
 Support policymakers to make educated decisions based on the data collected

09 NOV 2018 - 10 MAR 2019

The purpose of this expedition is to deliver one central message. The proliferation of single-use plastic has to STOP. 
It is contaminating precious water systems, threatening marine life, passing up the foodchain, affecting human health, 
impacting wildlife and encouraging a throwaway consumer culture across the world.

MW Headshot 2Melinda Watson

Founder and Head of Research at Raw Foundation

Melinda has devoted her life to inspiring change. She is a mother, sea lover, teacher, designer, consultant, campaigner, social entrepreneur and activist, recently awarded an Earth Champion ‘Change Agent’ award. From an early background in design, she has worked extensively in the fields of education – developing and delivering the only BSc in Sustainable Graphics & Packaging at the University of Bournemouth – organizational change and campaigning for 25 years. Melinda led a world’s first expedition (RAW in Africa) from Cairo to Cape Town in 2016, to track the world’s plastic footprint and transboundary plastic pollution.


Jasmine SpavieriJasmine Spavieri

Research and Education Director

Jasmine earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from University of Miami and a Masters in Adaptation Biology at University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis. She spent her early career developing exhibitions and creative content for the Museum of Science in Boston and London’s Science Museum. After graduating, she spent some time monitoring coral reef health in the Caribbean and developing a passion for ocean conservation. In 2014, following an expedition to the North Atlantic Gyre, she co-founded The Sea Musketeers, an educational outreach project aimed at raising awareness of global ocean issues, such as plastic pollution and biodiversity.


Can YamanCan Yaman

Marine Biologist, Dive Instructor, Researcher and Photographer

Can is a marine biologist and a dedicated professional Commercial and Scuba Diver from Turkey. As a PADI OWSI + SI, Guide Diver, EFR Instructor and underwater photographer he is passionate about preserving and caring for our seas and wildlife. Amongst may others, his volunteer work has included a Sea Turtle Protection Project for EKAD (Ecological Research Association) in Ankara and a Marine Pollution Prevention Project for BOSAD Diving Festival in Bodrum.



Elizabeth Streeter 2Elizabeth Streeter

Photographer, Videographer and Communications

Elizabeth is a photographer and film maker currently studying Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University in Cornwall. She is passionate about the environment, wildlife conservation and the ocean. As a PADI Rescue diver, Elizabeth is soon to be a Dive Master focusing mostly on underwater photography and plastic pollution. Her aim is to leave our Earth better off than when she joined it by utilising her creative nature and photography skills to help conservation efforts around the world.


Raw in South America - Map 2018













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